Amber Koehler - March 2016

"Mr. Moore has a family owned law practice, and you can feel the caring and professional vibe that is associated with Mr. Moore and his staff. After a four-year battle to get my daughter out of an unsafe environment Mr. Moore has helped me achieve my safe, happy family, and helped turn what should be horrible experience into a great achievement. Thank you so much!"

Joshua Reagan - October 2016

"He is the best the county has to offer."

Anonymous - July 2016

"Overall positive experience. Very caring & family oriented. He pointed me in the right direction when I needed a great deal of help. Glad to have Mr. Moore on my side, he truly makes a difference. Would recommend if you are looking for a family lawyer!"

Anonymous - April 2016

"I was really happy to find Mr. Moore. I have been looking around for a good lawyer that actually cares about the issues people are in. He was the nicest and most knowledgeable lawyer I have ever talked to. I highly recommend everyone going to him for any legal advice."

Pat Murphy - October 2014

"Confidence and experience!"
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